TantraWorks was created to initiate you into the mystery and magic of Tantra tradition and empower your spiritual evolution. This "software of love", provides all the necessary tools and tips for spiritual lovers and answers to some of life's most crucial questions. It is also a database and guide on a journey through time, exploring the past, the present and the future.

Tantraworks was first put up on-line in March 1997. We have had a huge number of hits on the site and a lot of encouraging feedback from people from all over the world. The feedback was in fact overwhelming and we have been unable to reply to many personal queries, or requests for membership in the New Tantric Order. Nor have were we equipped to handle the numerous orders for books.

We are apologize to all who may have felt frustrated by our lack of response thus far. Fact is, the busy personal schedule, extensive travel and inadequate help kept the situation unresolved. We have kept a record of e-mail addresses of all who contacted us and noted those who wanted to join the New Tantric Order. Please be patient! We will be contacting you once we are sure we can handle your needs.

Tantra has grown in popularity in leaps and bounds since 1997. The several thousand
Tantra web-pages seen on the Altavista search engine early in 1997 have now mushroomed to more than 51,000 (Jan 2000)! Recently, when MTV surveyed 14- to 25-year-olds to find out what subjects they'd like to learn about most, tantric sex topped the list. Tantra.com reports that the number of hits its site receives per day has tripled to 50,000 in the last six months. Tantra is in fact now all over the media.

The book " Spiritual Sex: Secrets of Tantra from the Ice Age to the New Millennium" by Nik Douglas , which was released by Pocket Books in August 1997, had a major link to Tantraworks but was not promoted by the publisher and allowed to go
out of print. As a result, neither Tantraworks nor several major Internet book retailers such as Amazon or specialists such as Tantra.com, were able to get hold of copies. All rights for this title have now been returned to the author and it is anticipated that once it has been updated, reformatted and expanded, it will be re-released by a new publisher during 2000. The new edition will have the latest Tantra Internet links and will be promoted in close collaboration with Tantraworks. By that time this site should be fully functional and ready for the Tantra community.


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