Water Man Seeks Water Woman

          Tall, kind, Relaxivist, activist, Groucho-Marxist writer-guy seeks strong, sweet, sexy gal. May we enjoy marriage and children (kids if you’d like; I’d like).

          Recovering workaholics, may we delight in one truly slooooooow day a week. May we be Shomer Shabbat (Sabbath Observers), whether Jewish or not. During “Eden one day a week,” may we live the lyrics of the Phish song “Waste.” Please join my new backronym organizations: S.A.B.B.A.T.H. (Smiling, Ancient, Blessings Bring Awesome Tender Happiness) and S.L.O.T.H. (Slow Luscious Opportunities Toward Happiness). Buck the trend. Till now, the most appropriate candidates haven’t had the energy to join.

          I’m a Water Man.

          How old am I? Two answers, the first a quick story.

          With our children let’s all live on the river together.

Text that was on Jdate:
Seeking Sweet Slacker with Chesed. I'm a tall, kind Relaxivist, human-rights activist, Groucho-Marxis, Africanist writer guy. I wear a huge blue cowboy hat, my 30-gallon yarmuke. Older, but a 7-year-old girl, seeing the hat and my Winnie-the-Pooh luggage asked "Do you go to kindergarten?" Yessss! Shall we be (and have?) kids in paradise?

          Are we beshert (predestined soul-mates)?

          Shall we live in my three waterfront houses, one facing the Hudson in Greenwich Village (NYC), a second

          A third

          I’m seeking one of two different kinds of woman (French helpful):

               #1. a younger, sexy woman. We’d enjoy having children together.

               #2. an older, sexy woman. She, like me, would have enjoyed a long, egalitarian marriage—template for a our good relationship together.

          Are we beshert (predestined soul-mates)?

          Shall we laugh?