Time Out New York / Issue 587: December 28, 2006–January 3, 2007

What's up with that?

Q: What’s up with that little wooden house on Weehawken Street in the Village? It looks like it belongs in the Adirondacks!—Leslie Mattingly, Morningside Heights

A: This cedar-shingled oddity, located at 6 Weehawken Street, was part of the open-air Weehawken Street market built in 1836. The market closed in 1848 and the property was purchased by boat-builder George Munson, who added walls and a second floor. Called “the Old Oyster House” in a nod to the area’s once-thriving oyster trade, the landmark was purchased in September by architectural historian Jean-Louis Bourgeois (son of sculptor Louise) for $2.2 million with the curious intent of converting it into a “museum of water.” He’s even talked about commissioning Mom to create a seven-story interior waterfall—by digging down five floors.—Rebecca Shore